About Us

Sol de Mendocino opened our doors as Love In It Cooperative in February 2011 on Lansing Street. We relocated to beautiful Main Street under the new name Sol de Mendocino in honor of our dedication to Sungrown, Organic and Local (SOL) cannabis. We pride ourselves in providing our community and its visitors with a wide variety of cannabis flowers (local indoor and sungrown), edibles and medibles, concentrates, topicals, tinctures and various other therapeutic and recreational products. We carry an ever growing list of CBD rich products to aid numerous ailments and discomforts. We also offer seeds year round and clones on a seasonal basis, including high CBD strains. for a full list of our current offerings, please visit our Menu.


Sol de Mendocino features cannabis from our two farms, Chorus Frog Farm and Philo Pharms, located in Mendocino’s neighboring Anderson Valley. Our two farms have partnered with other Anderson Valley farms to create Anderson Valley Reserve, a brand dedicated to producing organic Sungrown cannabis. They produce a wide variety of distinctive strains ranging from classic heirlooms to exotic hybrids as well as THC rich  to CBD rich strains.  Chorus Frog and Philo Pharms mostly grow plants from seed from such breeders as Equilibrium Genetics and Humboldt Seed Company (seeds available at Sol de Mendocino). We find growing from seed produces happier, healthier and more resilient plants.